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eBooks on Demand

The Vienna University Library EOD service allows you to order every book that is in the public domain as an e-book; this applies to every book 70 years after the author’s death. With the exception of periodicals, only complete books are digitised, from cover to cover.

Before the scanning process, the book is examined as to its state of preservation. Subsequently, it is is carefully scanned at high resolution. Books published from 1801 onwards include the full text of the complete book (automatically generated through OCR without corrections). Books published before 1801 can also be ordered with OCR, but it should be noted that the text recognition is usually sigificantly less reliable with older books. After the scanning process, the images are converted into a single PDF file.


The EOD service is available via u:search and the scanned image nominal catalogue; the latter contains most of the books in the public domain. Please use the EOD button in the respective catalogue for your e-book order. After clicking the button, an order form will be displayed, and you can either ask for a cost estimate or order the e-book directly.

Costs and delivery

You pay for the digitisation service as you would for other document delivery services. Current charges (valid as of January 2015) are as follows:

  • Basic charge: € 10,-
  • Each page without OCR: € 0,12
    Each page with OCR: € 0,16
  • Special price for members of the University of Vienna
    per page € 0,12 (with OCR)
  • Data medium and shipping (not charged if ordered via download)
    • € 6,- (Europe)
    • € 8,- (rest of the world)
  • Data medium w/o shipping € 5,-

Once the book has been digitised and is ready for downloading/shipping, you will receive an e-mail requiring you to choose a payment method. You can pay electronically via credit card (American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard, Visa) or via ClickandBuy. If you have a valid library card of Vienna University Library you can also choose to pay in cash at the library: the costs for digitisation will be charged to your account and can be paid either at the main library (Lending department, Inter-library loan, Textbook collection) or at any of the sublibraries. As soon as your full payment has been received, you will be able to download the e-book, or we will immediately ship the e-book to you on a data medium.