This repository contains metadata and full text versions of diploma theses, master’s theses and doctoral theses that have been approved at the University of Vienna since 1965.

Since 2008, all graduates have been obliged to archive their academic theses electronically in this repository. The full texts are archived royalty-free (i.e. with maximum protection under copyright) and always following the approval of the relevant authors.

Academic theses that have been approved before 2008 can be uploaded directly to and published on the server, unless this would violate any legal or statutory regulations.

The thesis server provides the opportunity to make your thesis available worldwide. Using structured metadata, the theses uploaded to the server get bibliographic descriptions. They are included in and can, therefore, be found via international library catalogues, search engines and other bibliographic tools. This ensures that the theses are citable through a permanent and stable web address.

Publishing theses is the best protection against plagiarism.