FAQs about requesting books


How do I know whether a book is currently borrowed or available at the library?
How do I request a book I want to borrow?
I entered my u:account UserID and password and was told that the ID or verification does not exist.
I tried logging in using my ID number ($A number) but the system did not accept my password.
What is the difference between requesting a book and reserving a book? What does “ready to collect” mean?
How many books can I request/reserve online?
How can I request books that have not yet been catalogued and cannot be found online?
How can I request books that have the status “In Process”, “Cataloguing”, “Subject indexing” or “Final Check”?
How many books can I borrow?
I cannot request or reserve the item I need.
Why does the system not accept any of my requests?
Why has my request been deleted?
I have reserved a book, but I no longer need it. How can I cancel my reservation?
I need a book that is neither available at the University Library nor at other libraries in Vienna. Is there any way to get it?