Literature service for blind and visually impaired people

The literature service for blind and visually impaired people is a service provided by the Vienna University Library as an infrastructure for its users. It aims at improving inclusion and facilitating access to literature.

The Library converts its print material and electronic resources to Word or PDF files. As a result, a document that was originally only available in the form of a book can be

  • read using Braille displays;
  • displayed on a monitor in a magnified or high-contrast version;
  • or read via screen reader.

The amount of time needed to process your request depends on the availability of the source material and the number of requests made at the same time. The texts will be processed according to a standardised procedure, but we can meet individual requirements if necessary.

To use this service, a library ID (u.card) and the acceptance of the terms of use of the literature service are required.

Please arrange an appointment for consulting the service.