Phaidra - Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets


Neuester Plan von Wien und dessen 34 Vorstädten. © Universität Wien

Neuester Plan von Wien und dessen 34 Vorstädten

Phaidra: maintaining information, in a correct and independently understandable form, over the long term.

A project of the University of Vienna
To make sure digital objects can be located, rendered, used and understood in the future.

General information:

Phaidra stands for reliable long-term archiving and gives educational, research and management staff, the possibility to publish, to store digital data and resources and to archive them indefinitely.

Phaidra gives you the possibility to:

  • archive objects at the university and to permanently secure them, to create them systematically and to supplement them with metadata
  • archive objects for an unlimited period of time � and to have world-wide access to them.

Phaidra has arisen from the cooperation between the Computer Centre of the University of Vienna, the University Library of Vienna and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Project management is located at the University Library.

Using Phaidra:

Further information: