Phaidra - Permanent Hosting, Archiving and Indexing of Digital Resources and Assets


Neuester Plan von Wien und dessen 34 Vorstädten.

Neuester Plan von Wien und dessen 34 Vorstädten

Phaidra is a university-wide digital asset management system with a digital preservation function. It enables secure long-term preservation and retrieval of research results, project reports, publications, teaching material, digital resources and assets, photographs and more.

What can I find on Phaidra?

The varied search options enable you to quickly find text, video and audio files, as well as digital maps and books, along with descriptions and the associated licences for different application scenarios. Phaidra also allows you to find research results from different projects, various archive holdings, collections, publications, teaching material, presentations, etc.

Using Phaidra:

What can Phaidra do?

As a permanent data pool, Phaidra enables the long-term management of digital resources and assets, flexible use of resources as well as the retrievability and accessibility of digital objects for administration, research and teaching. In accordance with the claim for integrity, authenticity, preservation and interpretability, confidentiality and availability, Phaidra

  • archives valuable data university-wide via a permanent link;
  • stores valuable data permanently;
  • collects valuable data systematically;
  • prepares valuable data by adding metadata (data about data); and
  • makes valuable data available world-wide for an unlimited period of time.

Phaidra can be used to archive audio and visual documents, text files, audio files and links. All employees and students of the University of Vienna have the opportunity to use Phaidra for publications, storing objects and, if necessary, providing them to other users. You can add detailed descriptions of the objects in several languages, make the objects available for different user groups and provide them with the necessary permissions and licenses.

Further Information: